Editor’s Note: Welcome to the Extra Spooky Halloween Edition of Arts + Culture!


Look, I get it. I’m as over Halloween as you are. With Fall Break falling a year later than it typically does here at Oberlin, Obies were confused about how exactly to celebrate. Splitchers on Halloween: that’s a no brainer. But what of Halloweekend? And, more importantly, which day to really go all out with your costume?


Sure, there’s Halloween itself, but is Splitchers really deserving of the costume you drove all the way to Volunteers to pick up? And that’s without even addressing Friday and Saturday.  “I was only able to come up with two [costumes]; it was stressful,” said Ben Richman, a third-year who claims to love Halloween, but hate the process. “There’s a lot of pressure to be creative, hot, and funny.”


Even if you are naturally hot and funny, it’s the creativity that might really get you. Are people going to love your Pete and Ariana costume, or would that have been better if Halloween had happened to fall in August this year? Maybe your costume is a funny pun, or a character from a TV show that the Obie public haven’t made it around to watching; if either of these are true, we here at The Grape hope you thought twice! There’s nothing more annoying than having to explain your costume ad nauseam for the entirety of Halloweek, even if it saves you from going as a cowboy again.  


Whatever you went as, it’s likely that you got Halloween fatigue this week. Oberlin takes Halloween seriously— between Murder Mystery Night, Get Wilder Halloween, Halloween Splitchers, the Film Coop’s Halloween Movie Marathon, and the numerous Halloween parties last weekend, it’d make sense if you never wanted to think about the nation’s spookiest holiday again.


Unluckily for you, you don’t edit this section! But I do! And I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to milk every last drop of Halloween content possible. Whatsmore, it’s probably my favorite holiday, as few offer Americans an opportunity to be quite so silly. It’s very dumb!


So forgive me for indulging myself with this belated Halloween edition of The Grape— I had to. What on earth was I going to have people report on for the first week of November anyway? It’s not like there’s anything nation-altering unfolding as I write this at 11:00 pm on Tuesday, November 6th, 2018.


So strap in, readers, because we’re going in heavy on the Halloween material this edition. And if you get too spooked, don’t worry about it! Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and remember: “It’s not real life, it’s just The Grape.”

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