Stevie to Start Granting Cultural Diversity Credits through Global Exhibition Bar

JOSE MANUEL // APRIL 27, 2018 

After 381 days of conversations we students finally have our answers, and the Bad Habits section has the latest exclusive scoop. The Global Exhibition Bar in Stevenson Dining Hall has begun granting Cultural Diversity credits for students who eat their culturally rich meals!

Stevenson dining hall is all-you-can-eat-without-getting-called-out-by-the-sus-yt-staff-who-act-like-we-didn’t-pay-our-7.50 and includes a legendary food court. Among Stevie’s culinary options is the iconic Global Exhibition section which aims to diversify our palates. Global Exhibitions’ 8-star chefs work together with Chef Gordon Ramsay and Socrates to make dishes from around the world, and work to do these dishes justice by restricting seasoning and by using top-shelf Walmart products, making their own spin on Asian or Latinx-inspired cuisine.

Reporter and contributing writer Jose Barrera had the privilege of trying these special dishes for himself. The Grape is pleased to release an exclusive interview that The Review would never be able to obtain.

According to Barrera, Global Exhibitions’ iconic, Mexican-inspired wraps featuring canned-corn, Wilder Bowl mushrooms, frozen tortillas that emphasize a dissatisfied  flavor palate, and a secret liquid that matches the color of Langston Building’s water supply are “refreshing.” The recipe originates from an important Mexican city called “The Food Network,” specifically in the neighborhood “Wikihow”

As if these treats weren’t enough alone, The Global Exhibition Bar has heard our comments and taken action. Now, for the first time in two-thousand and eighteen years, Oberlin students, or “Obies,” will be allowed to apply for Cultural Diversity credits as they continue “smashing,” if you will, on some epic meals which represent different cultural identities. Many witnesses, such as Filipino-identifying Benjy Balatbat, can attest to the ease of mind knowing home is right around the corner in Global Exhibition. Here’s what he has to say:

Benjy: “I don’t think it makes sense for CD to be available...they don’t even salt their food and make me cry-”

Unfortunately, Benjy was lost in communication after I got a new phone. Mexican-identifying Marissa Ramirez provided comment on the accessibility of CD in Global Exhibition.

“You didn’t ask me anything, you just told me you were gonna name drop me with no context,” she said.

I also asked Shaina Lin Chung for their opinion. They requested to not be quoted  because their excitement was too epic to contain in Arial font.

I managed to chase and sit down with Cholula Love about their opinions on the importance of this new Cultural Diversity credit. Here’s what they had to say:

“Between Modern European History I and Modern European History II, I’ve taken so many courses [at Oberlin College]. I swear to God, I just need a grab-and-go option for my Cultural Diversity requirement. I spend so much time in the MRC that I’m, like, pressed that I don't get a CD credit for that! I spend so much time getting my ass ate in Latinx Hall and I don't get a CD credit for that! Call this progress!”

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