Searching for Soloway (and Scanning for Channing) 

Amazon Pilot produced by Jill Soloway of Transparent and Channing Tatum to be Shot in Oberlin


On September 28th, the Oberlin College Theatre and Dance department sent out an email calling for extras and stand-ins for an Amazon pilot called College. The summary given in the casting call reads: “Six college freshmen set out to reinvent themselves only to realize that being someone new might be damn near impossible. They grapple with consent, race, gender identity, class, sex, love and drugs all while trying to figure out who they really are.” In other words, the average Monday at Oberlin!


Further Google searching revealed more details: the project is headed by Marja Lewis-Ryan, filmmaker and showrunner of Showtime’s reboot of The L Word. Earlier this year, Lewis-Ryan directed Netflix film 6 Balloons, starring Abbi Jacobson, Dave Franco, and lots of Transparent-reminiscent piano score in the trailer. Jill Soloway, creator and writer of Transparent, and Channing Tatum, certified hottie hunk, are signed on as producers.


On Saturday, October 13th, our little patch of grass in Northeastern Ohio will be packed with star power. According to an email sent out by the Cinema Studies department on October 7th, the series will be filming “large exterior scenes” in Tappan Square with a crew of over 80 people and 65 extras.  


While we obviously don’t have confirmation yet on the exact outfit that Channing will be wearing as he sips coffee and watches the dailies, campus buzz speculates that Tatum will be wearing a white v-neck and plaid flannel with a puffy vest and baseball cap.


It’s predicted that Soloway will be wearing a sensible navy cardigan over an eye-catching button down, (including top button). Obie chatter anticipates the footwear to be a pair of worn-in New Balances — after all this isn’t the Emmys!


Either way, as the most famous visitors on campus since Ed Helms earlier this week, they should be easy to spot. And with all these Hollywood types descending on our campus, one thing’s for sure: Tinder is about to get real interesting.

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