Hit after Hit

An inside scoop on 'Sco booking success.

By Anonymous | thegrape@oberlin.edu | March 9, 2018 @ 3:46 pm

SUPC (Student Union Programming Committee) and Concert Board are bringing an exciting new artist to the Dionysus Discotheque and they want you to know about it. Following up on the success of Palehound (7.3 Pitchfork rating) and Big Ups (7.6 Pitchfork rating), SUPC and Concert Board are very excited to announce their next marquee booking: indie band with an 8.4 Pitchfork rating. Recently named Artist to Watch by Stereogum, this band lists their influences as Duster, Bikini Kill, and (Sandy) Alex G, among other top search results for “influential indie bands.” Members of both organizations cited how, in 5 years, it will be cool to say that this band came to Oberlin. “Maybe you can even lie and say you went to the show!”

SUPC are tasked with booking only for the Sco, and indeed they put on most of the Sco’s concerts. It is a thankless task, and most members seem not to mind that the millennial students of this head-down, tide-pod-obsessed campus don’t even know that their shows are happening. Both booking organizations revel in bringing in artists that the community enjoys. Or at least, that members’ immediate friend groups enjoy. “Sometimes,” Concert Board members chimed in, “we even book our friends’ bands regardless of campus interest or attendance!”


However, don’t let this lead you to think SUPC members don’t have their fingers on the heartbeats of campus music-heads. They explained this booking in the context last spring’s Joan of Arc show. “Only 5 people came to that show because they only got a 4.2 rating on Pitchfork. But I think with an 8.4, we’re looking at minimum 15 people, maybe even 20.” SUPC members have your best musical clout interests at heart. Concert Board members, however, did not share the same enthusiasm. When asked if this show was booked with students in mind, all constituent members responded in unison, “who?”

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