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Student doesn’t miss friend studying abroad very much

by Cameron Avery and Priya Banerjee

[originally published spring 2020]


Last semester, friends were saddened by third-year Thomas F’s announcement that he would be leaving Oberlin for a semester to pursue a semester abroad. But now, sources say, third-year Nathan McDermott, one of Thomas’ closest friends, doesn’t actually miss him all that much.

Sources say that McDermott, who acts like he’s really bummed about his friend leaving when asked about it, is just sort of OK with the whole thing. When last asked, McDermott reportedly stated nervously that Thomas was studying abroad in “Austria or Switzerland, or some place like that.”

Nathan’s mother, who met Thomas once at dinner over Parents’ Weekend has repeatedly inquired about Thomas’s adventures abroad. Nathan reassures her that Thomas is doing “awesome,” but worries that his utter lack of knowledge about Thomas’ life will soon be discovered.

McDermott reportedly has a permanent reminder on his phone called “Facetime Thomas!!!” that he’s ignored for months but hasn’t deleted just in case he might want to eventually.

Sources say that Thomas, who was once plagued with the fear that he’d be lonely without his Oberlin friends, has adjusted well due to the fact that he has found his life to be entirely unaffected by Nathan’s absence.

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