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Sixteen Instagram Captions You Can Use for your Graduation Post

by Priya Banerjee, Izzy Halloran, & Julia McCormick

Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, & Contributor

[originally published June 3, 2022]


We freaking did it!! Can’t wait to continue this adventure we call life with my girls by my side in New York City!

I can’t believe it’s finally over! Thank you to my friends and fam for supporting me so much through my breakup with Brandon. His loss! Next year is gonna kick ass!

We made it! Shoutout to Emily, Rebecca, Cade, Eli, Melissa, Trevor, Tina, Lucy, Matt, Gabe, Tricia, Lenny, Mimi, Tinky, Winky, Stinky, Pooby, Leelician, Nanana, Alice, Freefra, Vanilla, Wafer, Stuck, and Pooky for making this four years the best of my life.

I can’t believe this is happening. It all came so fast I am heartbroken. Please tell me it’s not really over. These past four years were the best of my life and now I am just expected to move on. I don’t want to leave. I wish college was forever.

100 Buzzballs later….

Laughs, love, and a lot of deep talks on the bench outside South <3

Thank you to everyone who celebrated with me yesterday! So excited to announce that I will be starting as a junior accountant at Bank of America this Fall!

stoned in half my classes and still managed to cop this piece of paper. peace out ob

Excited for this amazing new chapter with all my girls….See y’all in Delaware! Russia House forever!

shoutsout to rona for fckn this up. still made it out alive tho.

graduating is a really stressful, tense environment fr, remember to take time away from all the celebrations to check in with yourself.

Couldn’t have gotten here today without my Dad who made his money really ethically by managing that hedge fund.

Feeling blessed and well dressed.

Unfortunately my dad came to graduation….his new wife, Curtains, said she would’ve really fit in here in the 80s. Sure…

Improv at Oberlin saved my life. Gonna start saying “yes, and…” to the rest of my life.

We did it Joe.

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