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Reggie's Ridiculous Reviews: Future's "I Never Liked You"

by Reggie Goudeau

Staff Writer

[originally published May 20, 2022]


This year has been a minor struggle for finding new releases as of late. We get a gem like the Fivio Foreign album every once in a while, but most of the other recent Hip-Hop albums have been kinda mid. Thankfully, my boi Future has finally returned to save the rap game, and he outdid himself this time. I know that Kendrick Lamar guy is dropping something soon, but right now, I need to highlight one of history’s greatest lyricists (Kendrick I love you plz don’t hurt me). Future has so many fantastic quotables and tracks from here, and the deluxe songs only added more heat.

His intro, entitled “7:12 PM” here, is spot-on (as most Future intros tend to be) and features him perfectly in his element. He’s back with the ungodly amount of drug abuse and dealing and outlines that lifestyle well. Sometimes he’ll mention it in an obvious line meant to get someone’s attention. For instance, the line “I got molly with the crystals, but I been back doing X” is memorable despite its simplicity. Other times he’s talking shit on such an elite level that listening to his bars gives you the equivalent of post-nut clarity. The bar about him shooting up the church and taking shit up with God since he’s the god on Earth was absolutely ridiculous. Still, that ridiculousness is what makes Future such a fantastic artist.

That first song easily rivals all of Mozart’s discography, but Future made sure to keep that momentum up throughout the whole project. In the brilliantly named “I’m Dat N****” (yes it’s censored in the official title), he makes one of the most profound statements I’ve ever heard. The line “Fucked her in the ass, made her pee-pee” still brings a tear to my eye weeks after my first listen. “Keep It Burnin” with Mr. West is also very saucy, and has one of the best hooks and beats of the album. “For A Nut” is also effective as the spiritual successor to “Pushin P,” and I still struggle with choosing between the two. On the one hand, “Pushin P” has gems like “I just fucked a cup of water” and the iconic “pesbian” line. Still, “For a Nut” has more fantastic chemistry between Future, Gunna, and Young Thug along with other funny bars. Future’s line “Buy a Birk’ for the bitch fore’ I buy her flowers” is more of the potent toxicity I love. Young Thug made me laugh hard as fuck with a simple but effective line. “I just put some diamonds in her butt” as well, which speaks for itself. I feel like this might be the real reason Thug is getting put away besides the RICO charges.

The following two songs are easily in my top five tracks from the album. “Puffin on Zootiez” is one of Future’s most fantastic melodic songs up there with the likes of “Codeine Crazy” and “Too Comfortable.” The way this nigga rode the beat here was inhumane, and he had plenty of memorable lines here too. Even the simple ones like “You fucking me good, bitch you helping me win” are so vivid and relateable that I have no choice but to keep listening. Other quotes like “Count up some millions then take some more drugs” have a similar effect. On the other end of the Future song spectrum, we have the next song called “Gold Stacks.” This cut is one of the best songs showcasing Future’s rapping side I’ve heard as of late, and the beat here is nutty. ATL Jacob outdid himself across this whole project, and I hope he continues to bless more artists with these instrumentals.

While I can’t review every song in-depth, I’ll conclude this with a few more of this thing’s most memorable moments. Future has fantastic chemistry with the added features on his deluxe, such as with 42 Dugg and Lil Baby on the track “Like Me.” “No Security” featuring Babyface Ray is another banger where Future plays off his feature’s energy perfectly. I might have to highlight the genius of Mr. Ray’s album “Unfuckwitable” eventually, but for now, I’ll stick to Future. Finally, the track “Holy Ghost” from the original album is the opposite of the title. This demonic instrumental featuring Future on go-mode once again corrupts anyone who listens, and I love feeling the darkness. Future deserves the lifestyle featured in this song where he’s in his big truck getting his dick sucked. Mr. Hendrxx did the damn thing, and I give Future’s recent tale of addiction and debauchery 8 percs outta 10.

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