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Nepo-Babies of The Grape

A Grape Proclamation


Skye: Granddaughter of the first brick thrown at Stonewall

Jules: Danny Devito’s knees (not niece, knees)

Max Miller: Son of Nick Cannon

Raghav: Also son of Nick Cannon

Isabel: Heir to the Cracker Barrel fortune

Frances: Grandchild of the guy who invented the little shiver you do in the water when the pool is too cold

Zach: Child of the Lord (#Blessed)

Saffron: The reincarnation of Queen Elizabeth II (the monarchy! talk about nepotism…)

Illustration by Molly Chapin, Production Assistant

As a collective, we still want to remind the Oberlin community that we have all worked hard to get where we are. Even though a couple of us may have been born with a leg up in life (or a leg in another dimension), remember, that only gets your foot in the door! We all work so hard, like so hard. And for all of those who have asked us how you might end up like us, we suggest that you work harder – like we do!

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