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My Mom Loves to Tell Me that She Listens to Podcasts with Gay Hosts

by Flip Ptarmigan

Son of a Proud Ally


As we all know, mom love podcast. And sometimes, podcast is hosted by gay. Whenever my mom listens to a podcast that has a gay person on it, she loves to tell me about it. Here are some of the highlights.


  1. Health & wellness podcast (gay host count: 1 out of 2)

  2. This one’s a given.

  3. Reply All reboot, but with gay people (gay host count: 3 out of 3)

  4. Right, ‘cause that was the problem with the first one. My mom was always a huge fan of “Yes Yes No,” the recurring segment in which the hosts gauged how well they understood the internet joke of the day; but even she has to admit she prefers the reboot’s version, “Gay Gay Straight,” the recurring segment in which the hosts gauge the relative gayness of popular internet jokes.

  5. “Wings” recap podcast (gay host count: 4 out of 4)

  6. She doesn’t even really like this one, but she listens to it anyway because her allyship truly knows no bounds.

  7. Homoerotic subtext analysis podcast (gay host count: 1 out of 8)

  8. This one threw me for a loop at first, but the seven straight hosts provide great counterbalance to the one gay host, and they’re surprisingly literate in the audiovisual markers of homoeroticism.

  9. My Dad Wrote a Porno (gay host count: 0 out of 3)

  10. I keep trying to tell her none of those people are gay.

  11. Unscripted comedy podcast (gay host count: 2 out of 3)

  12. You couldn’t get me to listen to an unscripted comedy podcast for a million smackeroos, no matter the ratio of gay to straight hosts. My mom is trying to start one of her own, though, so she listens to them for the love of the craft. The gay-to-straight ratio on this one is just a perk.

  13. The weekly news podcast produced by our local public radio (gay host count: 0 out of 2)

  14. Just because there are sometimes gay people in the news doesn’t mean that the people reading the news are also gay. Some of them are, of course, but my mom cannot tell the difference.


Illustration by Julian Crosetto, Layout Editor

Overall, it’s clear that mom love podcast and gay, both. The degree to which she keeps me updated on her podcast exploits is exciting and burdensome in equal measure. Thanks, Mom!

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