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Mercurial World Review by a Magdalena Bay Superfan

by Jules Crosetto

Production Assistant

photo by Toby Tenenbaum

[originally published March 11, 2022]


On February 22, 2022, Magdalena Bay came to the 'Sco. You could say I freaked out. If you aren't familiar, they are a synth-pop duo based in LA…and my favorite band. They are currently touring their latest album, Mercurial World, and let me tell you, the album is good, but live, it was otherworldly.

To be honest, I wasn't planning to write this article. In fact, when at the show, I was so enamored with their performance that I'm not sure how much I remember–just a feeling of euphoria and strobe lights–but I will try my best to paint a picture of the experience.

The Mercurial experience was as much about the music as its visuals. I've been to countless shows from big and small artists and have never felt like I have been served a complete experience like that of Mercurial World. The show was MC'ed, so to speak, by Cheari, a creation of Magdalena Bay and the subject of track seven on Mercurial World. She manifested as a low-poly floating head projected onto a screen behind Mica (the singer) with a computer-generated Siri-esque voice. Mica would frequently engage in some playful banter with Cheari in between songs;she even got her own brief solo towards the end–her digital ballad was truly angelic. Cheari's presence and theatrical interactions with Mica took the show to a whole new level and, dare I say, another world–a Mercurial World.

Cheari was essential in bringing the audience to the Mercurial World, but what really transported me was the lights. The strobe lights flashed with the beat of the music, and the visuals on Chaeri's screen perfectly accompanied Mica's performance. I was in awe, especially at a venue as small as the ‘Sco. It was incredible what they were able to accomplish. Perhaps it's just because of how much I love Magdalena Bay, but it's truly difficult for me to put into words how amazing the lights were. They perfectly complemented the music, choreography–all of it–and elevated the show to a whole other level.

Lastly, we have to talk about our human performers, Mica Tenenbaum, Methew Lewin, and Nick Villa who is touring with Magdalena Bay as their drummer. Mica wore a black bodysuit airbrushed with a graffiti-gemstone pattern. Mathew wore a similarly painted outfit that combined the two looked perfectly at home in the Mercurial World. Not one of the principal members of Magdalena Bay, Nick commanded the show from the back of the stage despite not having a coordinated outfit. Mica's stage presence is, how do I say, unmatched. She shifted effortlessly from an emotionless mercurial being staring off into the crowd into a passionate performer throughout the show, completing the Mercurial World effect. And her chemistry with Mathew as a performer–don't even get me started.

Magdalena Bay's music is hot. It just makes you want to dance. Listen to the album, is what I'm trying to say. I've never been to a concert quite like Magdalena Bay’s. If you missed it (or even if you didn't) I would highly recommend grabbing tickets to their next show. Although, I'm not sure there is any better venue to see your favorite band than the 'Sco.

P.S.: Listen to "Dawning of the Season" then "Secrets (Your Fire)", the transition from song to song is staggering.

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