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by Flip Ptarmigan

Event Wrangler


MAY 1, 3PM - ???, Tappan Square - Truck touching endurance contest

This is that thing where like 20 people touch a truck and then progressively more of them pass out or have to leave for food, water, etc., until there is only one person left touching the truck and that person wins the truck. The Center for Student Success is gonna park a big old truck on Tappan Square at 3pm and everyone’s gonna touch it.

MAY 3, 1PM, Wilder Bowl - Politics department lemonade stand

There will be a politics department faculty lemonade stand to raise money for politics to keep happening.

MAY 4, 3AM, Philips Gym multipurpose room - Jazz

You better believe there will be jazz here.

MAY 6, 2:45PM, the Cat in the Cream - Contact Improv Comedy show

For the first time ever, the contact improv and improv comedy communities will unite to perform one show wherein everyone does improv comedy while touching each other so, so much.

MAY 9, all day, Decafe - Decafe brings back big communal pot of soup for one day only

Do you guys remember when there was a big pot of soup in Decafe and it was different every day and you could ladle out your own little cup of soup? I used to get soup and a bagel every day for lunch. I miss it.

MAY 10, 12AM, King 339 - Jazz

You better believe there will be jazz here.

MAY 12, 11AM, Rice 100A/B - Faculty cup stacking competition

Faculty across all departments will compete in a high-stakes (tenure) cup-stacking competition.

MAY 12, 8PM, King 106 - A cappella showcase for secret a cappella groups

All the a cappella groups that haven’t really made a big deal out of it in the last four years will be performing the songs that they’ve been practicing in secret.

MAY 14, 9AM, Apollo editing lab - Jazz

You better believe there will be jazz here.

MAY 15, 1PM, North Quad - Ripley’s Believe it or Not traveling show

Wow! Don’t know where we got the money for this.

MAY 17, 11PM, the ‘Sco - Economics department close-up magic show

Come see visiting economists in shiny white gloves perform such astonishing tricks as the “Prisoner’s Dilemma” and the “Money is Real, I Promise.”

MAY 18, 10:30AM, Tappan Square - OMTA 5K

Start training now for OMTA’s debut performance of “Misery Calls,” the only musical that features 600 people going on a five-kilometer run.

MAY 18, 12PM, Free Store - Jazz

You better believe there will be jazz here.

MAY 19, all day, Wilder Main - Guy in fox costume on typewriter

For my high school’s commencement week, the administration hired a guy in a fox costume who would write poems for you on a tinnnnny little typewriter, and Oberlin College is proud to announce that they’re bringing him in!

MAY 20, 8AM, South Gym - Boffing


MAY 20, 2:30PM, Dye Lecture Hall - Speed typing competition

If you’ve ever thought, “wow, I must be pretty fast at typing,” now’s your chance to prove it! Prizes include first-choice housing next semester and a commemorative tote.

MAY 21, 9:23PM, North 216 - Indigo Girls cover band

Hey, my friend is gonna be learning “Closer to Fine” on guitar and you should all come hang while she works it out.

MAY 22, 9AM, Grape office (Burton basement) - Jazz

You better believe there will be jazz here.

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