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Makeovers Forever!

Welcome back to Makeovers Forever with in-house Grape fashionistas Priya and Liza! This week we really had our work cut out for us. Presented to us on a silver platter were three boy-toys in desperate need of a new look: Milo, Renzo, and Natan, of freshman year fame. Liza and Priya came into this project attempting to reframe the narrative that’s been trailing this trio of troublemakers for years (we know what you’re thinking — don’t worry, no shaving was involved!) Turning boys into men is a bit like turning water into wine; apparently it happened once but we don’t really believe that it’s possible. Either way…we were pretty successful in transforming these three guys. Keep reading to find out how!

We had our Fashionista Assistant Audrey talk to the boys individually while we began investigating their wardrobes. Here’s what the boys had to say…

FASHIONISTA ASSISTANT: Renzo, how would you describe your current style?

RENZO: My style is very uniform, so, you know, I don’t have many clothes. It’s a lot of blacks and blues: jeans, Carhartt pants, sweaters, and black T-shirts. I

guess I could probably use a bit of color and pattern in my style to mix it up a little bit, but I’m pretty content with where I’m at.

FASHIONISTA ASSISTANT: What is the best possible outcome of this makeover for you Renzo?

RENZO: The best outcome is Priya and Liza dress me up in something absolutely beautiful and I think of my style in a whole different way.

NATAN: Milo, if you could design the outfits of everyone attending your funeral, what would those outfits be?

MILO: Definitely a wild smorgasbord of outfits. I would want crazy colors, and definitely no all-black. I want my people wearing crazy things that they’re not supposed to be wearing at all. Someone’s gotta show up in these [points to teddy bear slippers]. I want Natan to be in a really tight Givenchy see-through shirt with a Renaissance painting on it. Definitely pierced nipples showing. I want a star of David diamond necklace on him, and definitely the Margiela shoes that he owns but won’t wear for anyone.

FASHIONISTAS: Milo, what is the best outcome of this makeover for you?

MILO: I’m a little bored right now. Freshman year, sophomore year….everyday was a challenge. I had people to impress. Right now, no ones got nothing on me. I could use a little bit of a little spark. I could use something a little uncomfortable. I used to go to class and I’m looking around seeing what everyone’s reactions are. Now, I walk in and I’m comfortable, I’m cozy, I feel good, but I’m not having hesitations. If you’re not hesitating, are you making good choices?

NATAN: Milo, what do you think is Priya’s ideal outfit for you, and what is Liza’s ideal outfit for you?

MILO: I don’t know, they dress wild differently. They both dress really well. They’ve both got super distinct things that they’re doing. I think Priya I might be a bit more aligned with, but I think lowkey if it were just going to class for a day I would want Liza to just go crazy and dress me up like some sort of character, like kooky formal Alice in Wonderland. Priya I would let dress me for a week, but Liza I would let dress me for the day I go to the Met Gala.

FASHIONISTA ASSISTANT: Ok Natan, who would you say is your biggest fashion inspiration, celebrity wise and biggest fashion inspiration on campus.

NATAN: I think it’s Rowan Gould-Bayba for both answers. He’s a celebrity to me. I want that quoted in the Grape. He was wearing a kind of light blue jacket-overshirt yesterday and it was very very Beatles. It looked like he was from the Sgt. Pepper’s album or something. It was


MILO: Natan, when do you think you’ll start dressing more gender neutral in the way that you dress, and what is the piece that you think will start that for you?

NATAN: I would say that I try to not feel like I’m constrained by a masculine identity in terms of the way that I dress, but I do obviously fall into that a fair amount. I don’t know. Because in my head it doesn’t matter at all, the line doesn't matter. I don’t know! Who Knows!

And with that, Priya and Liza commenced the makeover. Starting with Renzo, the Fashionistas biggest priority was breaking him free of his uniform ways: no more navy and no more minimalism. We took him in the complete opposite direction of his usual look, drawing pieces from Milo’s closet to fill in the gaps of his own. Pinstripe train conductor-esque pants paired with a bona fide sailor’s shirt, a red bandana tied around the neck, and Natan’s Tabis to boot.

For Natan, we wanted to push him in the direction of his style icons, but it turned out a bit more Elton John than Sgt. Pepper. Again pulling from Milo’s wardrobe, we dressed Natan in a white, sheer button-up shirt tucked into some epic navy swim trunks. For shoes we had him squeeze into Milo’s cool sneakers. For accessories: big and round sunglasses, a chunky beaded shark tooth necklace, and a bottle of poppers. This guy’s ready to hit the beach!

Last but not least, Milo. This guy gave us some trouble. We couldn’t think of a single that this guy hasn’t worn! And so we thought to ourselves, what is more revolutionary than returning to tradition. Nothing will surprise the masses more than seeing the unexpected. That's why we chose a plaid shirt button all the way to the tippy top tucked into some classic blue jeans. For shoes? Just some regular old boots. For accessories? A baseball cap worn the right way around and a copy of My Year of Rest and Relaxation. We think that this look will definitely cause some heads to turn next time Milo walks into class!

We think this makeover was a huge success! Do you, or someone you know, need a new look? Apply to be featured via the Google form in the Instagram bio of the Grape (@theoberlingrape)!

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