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Grain Silos I Can’t Wait to Get Grain Entrapped In

by Ellen Efstathiou

Staff Writer


A Red One

Classic barn color for a classic case of grain entrapment.

Those Big, Metal, Connected Ones

Maybe by getting grain entrapped in one of these, I’ll be able to get to all the others..

The One I See on the Drive into Oberlin

It’s close to home, so I don’t have to travel far. Plus, have you seen it? There’s no better grain silo in the world.

Illustration by Lydia Rommel, Contributor

The “Tiny Silo Home”

Apparently someone is turning grain silos into houses. I’m sure I’ll be able to find some grain to put back in there once I’ve bought the place.

The First Modern Silo

Built in 1873, it might be a bit harder to get grain entrapped in than these other ones because they’re cone shaped. But I have gumption.

The One in the Abandoned Field

I don’t want to bother anyone if I start screaming.

The One My Parents Told Me Not to Go Near

I’ve only got a couple more months of being a “rebellious teen” before I have to be responsible and not get grain entrapped in any grain silo I see.

One That Has Corn in It

I like corn, and I believe that I could eat my way out of the silo if there was corn in it.

The One in the First Picture Google Shows You When You Google “Grain Entrapment”

The person in that picture seems extremely calm. I want to have a calming grain entrapment experience also.

The One That Leads to a Magical World

Exciting! Like a way scarier way to get to Narnia.

That One Over There

Oh yeah. That one right there is great.

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