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February 2nd was a Movie

by Izzy Halloran and Daisy Vollen

[originally published spring 2020]


You wake up to the sun streaming through your window. Birds are singing, Albino squirrels are bustling. The first day of the semester. Are you ready?

You get dressed in your Monday best and now you’re ready to impress.

January brought gray skies and Seasonal Affective Disorder like no other. You forgot how the sun felt on your skin. You forgot the curve of your smile. But that all changes today. February 2nd has arrived, and your January funk is melting away with the snow. You’re eager to soak up some vitamin D so you grab your coat and skip out the door.

It’s even brighter than you remembered it… it feels better than ever before. You hit shuffle on your favorite feel good playlist and “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” by The Beach Boys plays. You make it to your first class with five minutes to spare. You get the best seat in the room. In the midst of unpacking your notebook and pens you look up and catch the eye of your crush as they enter the room. They throw you a casual wave, but their eyes are filled with desire. “Hey [y/n]!” they say excitedly as they slide into the seat beside you. “I’m so glad you’re in this class! This semester’s gonna be a movie. I’ve heard great things about the professor.”

The next forty minutes are pure bliss and you’re let out ten minutes early. You and your crush walk to [your favorite co-op] and eat a scrumptious meal--and they made enough for everyone! With your belly and your heart equally full, you head to your next class while the rest of your buds catch some rays in Wilder Bowl.

Your body’s in King 327 but your heart’s outside getting a tan. The class sounded interesting on paper, but the professor’s monotone has you thinking about that baby soft grass and you quickly realize: This isn’t you. You pack your bag and sneak out the door. You’ve never felt as free as you do in this moment, sprinting down the King stairwell.

A cluster of your friends are laying in your favorite spot in Wilder Bowl. “[Y/N!]” they call out excitedly when they see you pulling up. Under the big branchy tree with your best pals, you wave at each of your former hookups. You feel brave, you feel weightless. Your crush touches your shoulder. “Hey, I’m glad you made it.” You close your eyes and breathe in the fresh February air. What a perfect day at Oberlin College and Conservatory.

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