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Best 2048 Games The Kid In Front of Me Has Played in Class

By Isabel Hardwig

Bad Habits Editor


I have never played 2048 myself, and have only the vaguest understanding of how it works, but I only decided to go to college in the hope that somebody’s screen would change color in front of me. Let’s give some recognition to the guy who made it happen.

5. The One Where He Put Two Sixteens Together

it’s like, can you even do that????

4. The One Where He Made A Color That Was Yellow, But Not the Same As Some of the Other Yellows He’d Made

this was a big deal for both of us, I think

3. The One Where I Thought He Was Going To Get 2048, But It Turned Out He Was Playing Minecraft

it’s okay buddy, you’ll get it next time!

2. The One Where Instead of Numbers, It Was Puppies!

The joy of creation is always present, even when it feels unreachable. There is

something in you that is just waiting to delight over something, to make things

that are delightful. You can feel it shuddering inside you, like an insect striking

off its pupa. He has combined two puppies to make a third, incalculably better


1. The One Where He Got 12,000 Somehow

nobody really knows what happened here

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