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Actual Best Albums of the Year

by Juli Freedman

Bad Habits editor


A few pages ago you may have read “blah blah blah I’m Levi and I listen to space jazz and crunkcore blah blah blah.” Well, I’m Juli and I listen to things people actually like. Music that makes hot people lose their goddamn mind. Panties to the floor type shit. So here a list of the actual best albums of the year:

  1. Boys Chewing Their Stupid Little Food

  2. Songs About Night Terrors Vol. 4

  3. A Star is Born Soundtrack

  4. Root Canal ASMR

  5. What Was That Thump? Did I Hit Somebody? I’m Going To Just Keep Driving

  6. Dawn of Chromatica

  7. Click Clacking Away On Creative Piece That You Will Never Finish

  8. Ugly Weeping Baby on Airplane

  9. All The Things She Said All The Things She Said Runnin Thru My Head Runnin Thru My Head

  10. Biting Nails Through A Mask

  11. Ambient House Show Noises While You Are Trying To Avoid 20 Different People

  12. Fingering Dry Meat While Bored And Not Even Horny

  13. Teacher Does Standup As A Hobby But It’s Really Their Passion

  14. A Star is Born Soundtrack Again

  15. Gnawing on Some Glass

  16. Mom Calling To Talk About Death In The Family Then Hangs Up

  17. to hell with it - PinkPantheress

  18. I’m Thinking About Being Celibate (Arca Remix)

  19. Every Single Weezer Album. All of Them.

  20. Fart That Could Pass For A Queef

  21. Guy Who Makes Wife Kiss Dice For Good Luck

  22. Asking Mom To Leave During Doctor Appointment But Then Missing Her

  23. Embarrassing New Shoes Squeak

  24. Christian Rock Songs From That Uber Ride That We’re Actually Kinda Good

  25. Okay Now That Was Definitely A Fart

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