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9 Charmingly-Odd Texts from Dad that are signed --Dad

By Corrie Purcell

[published 11/15/19]


A couple days after an hour-long heart to heart with Mom, Dad sends you a short paragraph text because Mom ostensibly gave him the gist.

Thursday afternoon, everything kind of came to a breaking point and you spent a large portion of your post-splitchers daze on the phone with Mom--a conversation during which you both cried at least twice. You’re going through a hard time again, but Mom knows your entire emotional history and has always provided incredibly sound advice. Also, you are kind of in between therapists right now.

The thing is, if you’re going to have a breakdown over the phone, you only want to do it once. And if you’re going to do it to a parent, it should be the one with the emotional capacity to handle it. Mom is -- and always will be -- your point person, but we’d like to take a second to honor those adorable check-in texts that Dad contributes; they may not theraputize you like Mom does, but they do make you smile.

  • Hey Kiddo! I hear you’re having a tough week...the flu stinks! Check out the Student Health Center if you need it. --Dad

  • You ok? Your mom said you’d had a rough week. Me and the dog are missing you a little extra today. Ruby says Woof! --Dad

  • Hope you’re feeling a little better after the rough yourself a smoothie today! This one’s on me [dog emoji, licking lips emoji, two thumbs up, one robot, one heart] --This is Dad btw

  • Howdy!

  • Hey baby! I’m heading over to the library to pick up some good books today, what are you reading this week? --Dad

  • Mom said you might need a little extra love today...that’s no problem for me and Ruby! [picture of my dog licking my dad’s face] —(Dad emoji)

  • Hey buddy! Big biochem test today, right? Hope it goes well. Your old pops always had a hard time with that one. Will be thinking of you. --Your old man

  • Makin’ chili for dinner! I’ll make extra and freeze it. Tupperware with your name on it! Mom said the past couple of weeks were a little hard, so maybe I’ll put a little extra in [winky face].--Dad

  • Been thinkin’ of you a lot this week! Just finished Fleabag, which your mom said you recommended. Such a great watch, and the Emmys sure does share your opinion. Call me sometime, Kiddo!--Dad

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