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4-Way Intersections I’ve Watched Instead of Editing Articles for The Grape

by Isabel Hardwig

Bad Habits Editor


I love working on Bad Habits, but it takes a lot of dedication, as well as hours upon hours of meticulous research. When I got the job, I became worried that it would eat into the time for my other hobbies, and I vowed to do my best to maintain a steady work-life balance. Because of this, I make sure that for every 20 minutes I spend editing a Bad Habits article, I spend two or three hours silently watching 4-way traffic intersections.

Illustration by Maia Hadler, Art Director

It’s done wonders for my mental health, and I really encourage everyone to follow my lead and set strong boundaries in the workplace. Try communicating times that you will and won’t be available by saying things like, “I will edit that Bad Habits article as soon as cars stop coming up to this intersection and going through it.” Once you’ve earned yourself some free time, consult this list of 4-way intersections that are great to watch when you could be editing Grape articles.


5) Science Center and Tappan Intersection (N. Professor / West Lorain)

This is a very beginner-friendly intersection, so it’s a good place to start if you’re new to this. If it’s overwhelming to try to take in the whole intersection at once, try focusing on one vehicle at a time. This is not a good intersection to watch for people who feel strongly about pedestrian traffic laws, but it’s great for avoiding your responsibilities to the alternative newspaper for which you work.

4) New Russia Township Intersection (Butternut Ridge / N. Main)

Its proximity to a park, a pharmacy, and a package store makes this a perfect intersection for all your intersection-watching needs. For a little extra fun before you go back to your Bad Habits work, watch for bikers and joggers who invariably fail to set off the motion-activated stoplight system.

3) Downtown Oberlin Intersection (E. College / S. Main)

These cars go straight, but also turn, which is what we in the business call a “4-way-intersection.”

2) Baumhart Road Roundabout

If you like watching 4-way intersections, just wait until you see what’s new in intersection technology. The roundabout is smooth, seamless, and pulls the cars into a gentle, hypnotizing circle. After a hard day’s work editing Grape pieces, it means a lot to be able to watch a bunch of traffic play ring-around-the-rosie.

1) Downtown Elyria Intersection (Middle Ave. / 2nd St.)

I’m sure that you all understand that nothing in the world is more pressing than watching this intersection. Between two relatively busy streets in downtown Elyria, this 4-way intersection not only sees constant traffic, but is dictated entirely by stop signs. To any writers who have ever noticed my hour-long, stagnant presence in your Google Doc, I’m very sorry but they TAKE TURNS. All of them! There are always multiple cars at every stop sign and they all take turns! None of them drive into each other! Pretty soon, we’re gonna need a 4-way intersection just for all the people coming to watch this 4-way intersection, which is what we in the business call a “joke.”

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