A Review of Oberlin’s Favorite Mirror Selfie Spots

ZOE JASPER // APRIL 13, 2018 
The Azariah’s Microwave

A good mirror selfie requires confidence, a carefully curated outfit (or lack thereof!!), and experimentation with 80 or so poses before it’s ready to grace your social media. Let’s be real though, your mirror selfie is doomed from the start without the right location. I wandered around campus taking selfies, in search of the spot to end all spots: here are my thoughts on four of the most popular.

Wilder First Floor Women’s Bathroom

Yes, this spot is very hyped up, and I believe the hype is well-deserved. You really can’t beat the 80’s relics that are the glass blocks or the checkered floor. Like the Mudd bathrooms, full length mirror in this bathroom provides limitless possibilities for poses. What really takes the cake for me, however, is the bench where you can sit or quirkily rest your leg. For all of these reasons, the Wilder First Floor Bathroom is my favorite mirror selfie spot on campus. Feel free to prove me wrong and discover an even better place!

Obviously this spot gets props for not being a real mirror. It will definitely set you apart from the simple normies in your feed, but at what cost? Do you really want all the people you hate seeing at Azzies within eyeshot during such a personal process? I wimped out after anxiously taking just two low quality pictures, but maybe you’re confident enough to stand your ground and achieve the perfect microwave selfie.

Peters Second-Floor Women’s Bathroom

This bathroom boasts a number of perks. Most important, its natural lighting distinguishes it from the other three spots I tried out. That being said, the quality of your selfie is contingent upon the weather and time of day. The circular mirror also adds to this spot’s charm, but does somewhat limit your posing options. Finally, the plant on the window sill is a nice touch that screams, “I wish I owned a succulent.”

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