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Blue Sky Diner

By Anna Polacek | | February 23, 2018 @ 6:02 pm

As Oberlin students, complaining about our food options can feel like a norm. Whether it’s the questionable looking meat at Dascomb, or the pretty average “pitza” at Aladdin’s, many of us are left craving some variety. Well, not to worry, my friends, a new food columnist is in town. I’ll be bringing you reviews of Oberlin’s overlooked food options so you can expand your culinary palate. This week I’ll be reviewing Blue Sky Restaurant, the Oberlin staple for when you’re craving an off-campus burger.

Although Blue Sky isn’t necessarily in Oberlin, this restaurant is one that everyone seems to know about. How this happened I would like to know (seriously, if anyone has any theories, please reach out). It’s a place all my friends rave about, yet somehow I had never been there myself. As a newly identified food reviewer I was anxious to see what all the fuss was about. So last Monday night, a couple of friends and I borrowed our friend’s Prius, and made the trek.

For those of you who don’t know, Blue Sky is a quaint little joint situated between Mattress Warehouse and Chipotle in the town of Amherst, OH. Upon stepping inside I found myself overwhelmed with a packed house of white haired patrons. I don’t know if it was the bible references on the walls and menus, or that we were the youngest crowd by about 30 years, but its safe to say we felt relatively out of place. Blue Sky has that tacky diner feel: clouds painted atop blue-sky walls, beige booths, and a classic glass display of baked goods. Once we were seated the waitress handed us two menus — one, a six page menu of a whole host of food options, from burgers to pasta to seafood — the other, a smaller, really great looking menu that offered items such as “liver and onions,” “tapioca pudding,” and “a la carte cottage cheese,” all for insanely reasonable prices. I was fairly disappointed when it was pointed out that this was, in fact, the senior menu. I don’t know about you guys, but it seems kind of fucked up that they would give the more youthful looking customers the obviously more appetizing menu reserved for seniors only, as if they were trying to patronize us.

Shortly after we ordered from the lamer of the two menus, our waitress arrived with the first course. This mostly consisted of very brothy chicken soup and watery iceberg salad. Maybe not the highlight of the night, but it feels nice to experience a multiple course meal as if we’ve lived 65+ years and deserve it. Shortly thereafter the main course arrived with PJ and Charlie’s respective hamburgers, Malaya’s chicken parmesan, and my mozzarella sticks. All were overwhelmingly sub-par, but refreshingly different from our nightly CDS routine. And when my bill came amounting to two dollars and fifty cents, I definitely couldn’t complain.

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