Dear Oberlin College & Community,


We at Campus Digest believe in integrity and are here for you in every

respect. We alert you, Oberlin College student or community member, with featured readings and campus-based news stories about the Oberlin College Community. This said, it is important to acknowledge that we have fallen into some hot water in recent years for some headlines that many called “misleading”—most recently the subject line "BEES! BEES IN MUDD, URGENT" in reference to a local honey festival three months in the future. With an issue as important as the Coronavirus, the last thing we want to do is mislead. We do not want you to sit idly by while a deadly disease ravages you or your child’s academic community. Not that that is necessarily happening—to reiterate, we do not want to spread misinformation so make sure to keep reading for the update.


On February 3rd, a student with a low-grade fever visited Student Health Services

for evaluation. Following protocol, Student Health Services contacted Lorain County

Public Health, which traveled to campus to evaluate the student. These individuals  were ultimately concerned. In turn, the officials decided the student did not meet the criteria to

be considered “under investigation.” However, it was determined that the student

should be temporarily isolated off-campus overnight before returning to campus this



Barring a change in health status, the student has remained isolated not not having

coronavirus but has participated in classes remotely. Meals have been delivered to them.

They have enjoyed the grilled chicken from Stevenson dining hall and additionally have

had the pleasure and privilege of having a few sally salads, a breakfast sandwich with egg

and croissant, and lastly one of the newer sandwich-type things that are packaged

differently. The student seems to enjoy the newer packaged sandwiches. It seems as if the other students do as well. Also, as a matter of protocol, the student’s dorm room was sanitized

and their roommate, who has no symptoms of illness, was allowed to remain in their room.

(However, WE deem it a possibility that they could acquire a common cold due to it being

flu season.


All of this is to say--there have been No cases of Coronavirus. That’s the update. The College will continue to collaborate with Lorain County Public Health and the Ohio Department of Health and send daily emails with subject lines  containing the word ‘URGENT” in red font. 

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