My EXCLUSIVE Interview with Palehound


Last year, as a contributing writer for The Grape, I submitted this article for the Arts + Culture section after Palehound played a show at the ‘Sco. It was rejected! Now, though, I edit this section, and I can print whatever I want. Take that, Luke and Jake!


Boston indie-rockers Palehound descended upon the Oberlin ‘Sco this week, and totally shredded. The group, fronted by songwriter Ellen Kemper, jammed out hardcore with rockin’ riffs and also included a bass guitar player (for non-music heads, a bass guitar is like a guitar with fewer strings).


Earlier in the night, I got the chance to ask Palehound a few questions about how the sausage is made. The interview has been edited for clarity, and took place over FB messenger.


hey palehound! My name's PJ (he/him) and I'm a writer for Oberlin's alternative newspaper, The Grape ( I was wondering if you'd be around for a short interview before or after your show on Thursday? Really looking forward to it! Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions!


Palehound’s Facebook Account: yup! before would be better


Perfect! any idea what time?


PFA: not really? our load in is at 6 and then we will probably have to sound check. can I message you when we get there and have a better idea of things?


Sounds great! lemme know if you're gonna have time! totally understand if you don’t; but should only take about 5-10 min and will be a little silly!




Unfortunately, my exclusive interview was cut short there. To supplement it, I provided a comprehensive list of all of the questions I had prepared (were the interview to be longer). I implore you to consider how interesting the answers for these questions could’ve been! In this way, readers can use their imagination, which is probably just as good.


New twist on an old classic: If you were stranded on a desert island, but could be airlifted the releases of one contemporary artist as soon as they came out, who would you choose, and why?


You’re playing a lot of colleges this month! Are there experiences that you get out of playing shows at colleges that you don’t get playing larger venues?


A lot of your most recent album, A Place You’ll Always Go, was inspired by loss. How does your relationship with those songs and themes change with heavy touring?


What did you know about Oberlin before you came here? What’re your first impressions?


What's your favorite color?


You went to Sarah Lawrence just a few years ago. How did you find that the liberal arts experience affected your experience as a songwriter?


I am getting a new dog. What should I name it? (Note: this is because the name is Palehound; skip the question if they don’t seem like they’ll get it).


You’re playing with a lot of great artists this tour (Jay Som, Protomartyr, Mistki). Who is your dream tour-partner?


“Creep” came out 25 years ago today! What’s your stance on the classic Radiohead song?


What’s the first song you ever covered as a band?


What’s your pet peeve about being in Palehound ? (This is another joke about how they have hound in their name).

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