I'm pretty sure I was wrong when I said we were on the same page


You know how every time people get stoned they like to talk about how we’re all just coexisting energy doing our own thing and we might think we’re understanding each other but we can actually never really be on the same page? Anyways, I always hear people saying that they’re on the same page. People often tell me that we’re on the same page or they’re “glad to hear we’re on the same page.” But given rampant levels of miscommunication, I am hesitant to ever think that we could possibly be on the same page. In fact, I’m moderately sure I’ve never been on the same page as anyone. I don’t even think we could ever tell how our pages are in relation to someone else’s pages.

If you agree with what I’m saying, you might think… “So we’re never on the same page. Isn’t this a depressing world we’re living in?” Not necessarily. Usually in miscommunications, people get hurt. But can we avoid a portion of this hurt by acknowledging the fact that we’re never on the same page but we might be close and just being aware of this? I’d rather do this than romance myself into the false idea that I’m on the exact same page as the people around me. I think that these issues of not being on the same page are usually a lot more nuanced than what I’ve described in the graphics; I would go so far as to say that a majority of fallings out happen because we’re on different pages but can’t figure out where we are or even acknowledge this fact. I think it’s worth going further than thinking we’re on the same page. Holding our friends and lovers close and asking them questions to learn more about each other. If being on the page is the most challenging thing we’ve ever done, it’s also the most rewarding

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