....And we all stayed the same Part 2: A storied tradition


“...And we all stayed the same” is a new series that uses archived Grape articles from the last twenty years to feature how certain beloved or despised parts of the ‘Oberlin experience’ might not be as new as we think. For a full copy of the article featured below, email Ian at ifeather@oberlin.edu. Is there a facet of your Oberlin experience you think might be timeless? Let us know and we’ll do some research in ye old Burton basement.

You might have noticed a ton of Juul-related content from us last semester. You might have wondered why we had stooped to such lows, considering the prestigious nature of this esteemed publication. Well, as you can see from this 2013 piece below. Sophie and I were simply trying our best to carry forward a long-standing tradition of vape-related content. Obviously, we have never touched, and never will touch, a Juul in our lives--we’re just sticklers for tradition.



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