LDR BF @ OB: A First-Year Introduces Sweet Joe to her College Lifestyle


“This is where you live?” is what Sweet Joe asked my friend Natasha as we walked into Wilder via the West Lorain entrance. Both Natasha and I laughed a little harder than we should’ve, considering we were laughing at my LDB’s (long-distance boyfriend) expense, when he truly doesn’t know anything about campus. He said a lot of stupid things this weekend, and I’m here to share them, further at his expense. I will be writing down some activities we did, followed by Joe’s notes on our activities. Sweet Joe is the sweetest boy you will meet, greeting everyone with a nervous smile and a nod. I think this is just great; it’s why I chose him as a boyfriend, after all. As a disclaimer: although I will be making just so much fun of him, to a point where I am unsure whether I’ll ever let him see this, I promise I like him a lot, and I think you would like him too, but not as much as me because that’s not allowed.



Stevie Dining → “Chose creamy pesto sauce with bowties, made my tummy feel funny”

Mid-day car ride→ “Was close up to Peej”

Visit to PJ’s apartment → “Dope that PJ lives on his own, has pet

Napped → “Disorienting”

Visited Keep → “Peach Schnapps :/”

Dorm Party → “Felt nauseous had to take tums”



Stevie Dining → “Mac and cheese had meat chunks”

Visited Beads Paradise II → “Mother and daughter owned, they were lovely <3 <3”

Waxahatchee Show → “Beautiful Fairchild Chapel, Waxahatchee was funny and sweet”

Smoked out of an apple bong→ “Was funny, like middle school but now like college”

Rewatched “Little Miss Sunshine” → “Not timeless”



It snowed → “<3 snow collected so fast”

Oberlin Kitchen → “Home FRIES !! Cute waitress”

Visited Wilder → “Every bathroom is public, for all!”

Visited Mudd → “Awesome and colorful, a lot of Oberlin looks like Mad Men”

Stevie → “Really sweet and made me smile, ate awesome lasagna that made me feel really good”


And thus concludes my weekend with Sweet Joe. As we were both leaving -- me for class and Joe for home -- he said some other funny things regarding his confusion with the Lyft app and the lack of drivers in the area, but I wasn’t listening. It was 9am. Such is the way with my LDB, he says cute and stupid things and then he is gone. Goodbye Joe, your candid and uncomplicated observations on my life here will be greatly missed.

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