Grab and Go Sommelier


As we now fully adjust to the changes in CDS (R.I.P. sandwich line), I propose that rather than groveling in what we have lost, we should instead make the best of what we have. So please join me on a culinary journey as I pair the muted flavors and creative combinations that make up our favorite Grab and Go classics with some of the world’s finest wines. I hope that these effervescent pairings will bring out the hidden subtleties within Bon Appetit™’s original and titillating creations.



Caesar Salad Wrap, Folonari Pinot Grigio

Allow me to take you on a journey to the Italian countryside. Ah! There is nothing quite like Tuscany in the summer. The quaint rustic villages, cradled by neverending hills of green, filled with the smell of olive oil and the laughter of local children. It was there that I met my lover Gionni, who made love to me beneath a cypress tree as the blazing Tuscan sun set, washing the sky in glorious shades of pink and red.

Think of me and Gionni, bronzed and in love, as you pair the delectable sogginess of the chicken caesar salad wrap with a Folonari Pinot Grigio. This dry white wine brings out the spicy caesar-style mayo which adds notes of green apple, distracting from the sneaking suspicion that this wrap has been sitting in the fridge for weeks. This Italian wine is simple yet delectable, enhancing the refined flavors of the caesar wrap and creating a culinary experience that could overpower Caesar himself. Move out of the way, Brutus, you’ve got some competition! Maybe if Caesar had suggested pairing his famous signature wrap with this medium bodied white he might still be alive today! (But I’m not a historian.) Oh! and I forgot to mention the crouton crunch goes down easy with a large swig of white wine.


Corned Beef and Cheese, Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon

The New York style corned beef and cheese sandwich’s rich flavor is superb with a bottle of Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon. Reasonably priced at $2,880 per bottle, this Napa Valley red goes best with meat-heavy dishes, bringing out the pastrami’s tender flavors. The nondescript cheese (maybe muenster, maybe American...we don't know) adds savory flourishes to the Cabernet’s herbal notes creating a symphony of flavor performing live in your mouth. Move over, New York Philharmonic Symphony. This East meats (hehe) West combination pairs the gritty “you lookin at me?” attitude of the pastrami sammy (short for sandwich) with the laid back attitude of the California red, officially ending the East v. West rivalry that has plagued our nation for generations!


Peanut Butter Honey and Banana Sandwich, Sunset Blush Franzia Rosé

If you’re in a playful mood I suggest pairing the peanut butter honey and banana sandwich with Sunset Blush Franzia Rosé. Put your feet up on the first floor tables of Mudd and chow down on a sandwich reminiscent of something you might have made when you were high in highschool and your parents hadn’t been grocery shopping in a while. This sweet treat goes perfectly with an equally sweet rosé. The fruity finish makes chowing down on that yummy sammy (short for sandwich) even more delightful! The overwhelming sweetness of this combo should serve as a respite from your busy life. You deserve to treat yourself! Kick back and relax with a sandwich and a classy boxed wine.

Three Bean Chili, Cupcake Prosecco

It’s chili time, baby!!! I know this is the section you have all been waiting for. Everybody's favorite vegan three bean chili, served with shredded cheese and a little bit of love, pairs beautifully with any dry prosecco. The effervescent bubbles in this sparkling white wine could help to relieve some of the gas produced by this bean heavy dish. If you’re looking to celebrate the finer things, this classy combination is for you. Top off the meal with a fruit cup or some jello to give a cool palette cleanse to your hearty meal. The fruity undertones in many proseccos can serve as a helpful distraction from the bowel movements that are sure to follow!

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