Girl Waiting for Party Found Frozen to Death on Goldsmith


After doing a routine patrol of the campus early Sunday morning, Safety & Security discovered the body of Melanie Dickens OC ‘21, frozen to death on Goldsmith. Dickens was found with nothing but a Canada Goose jacket and a handle of Malibu to keep her warm.


Upon interviewing Melanie’s friends, S&S learned that the sophomore had been camping out on Goldsmith that Saturday night, waiting to see if a party would start. Even as no signs of a party became apparent, Melanie refused to give up hope, texting in her group chat with her best friends, “There’s got to be at least one party on this fucking campus.” Melanie’s friends blame the school for her death, arguing that if the houses on Woodland hadn’t been demolished, Melanie would not have had to resort to such desperate measures. “You could always find a party on Woodland,” lamented Stephanie Shatkin, Melanie’s best friend. “Now we have nothing except for a lame lacrosse party at 268B Goldsmith, if we’re lucky.”


Desperate party-seekers are not the only ones upset about the Woodland houses being gone; residents of North campus are reporting higher levels of stress and anxiety due to the pressure of shouldering the legacy of the fallen street: “We’ve got people huddled on our porch every Saturday night, begging us to throw a party. I tell them that I have baseball practice early Sunday morning but they don’t seem to care,” complained Brian Adams, Oberlin College’s starting pitcher.


Melanie’s friends hope that her death will be a wake-up call to both the Oberlin administration and those living on Goldsmith. “We need more parties or people are going to get hurt,” said Stephanie. “Don’t let Melanie die in vain.” Those wishing to pay their respects to the deceased can visit Dickens’ gravesite, located at what was previously 116 Woodland.

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