....And we all stayed the same Part 1: The Oppressed Chad


“...And we all stayed the same” is a new series that uses archived Grape articles from the last twenty years to feature how certain beloved or despised parts of the ‘Oberlin experience’ might not be as new as we think. Is there a facet of your Oberlin experience you think might be timeless? Let me know and I’ll do some research in ye old Burton basement! Just shoot an email to ifeather@oberlin.edu


Surprise surprise, annoying shitheads like the auhor of this 1999 gem are not a new feature on campus. Our dear author didn’t use nowpopular (and highly-effective!) phrases such as “snowflakes” or “white genocide” in his attempt to Own the Libs, but it’s not hard to see the similarities between this editorial masterpiece and what the Oberlin College Republicans and Libertarians probably complain about as they hunt poor people for fun. The real tragedy here is that this piece was ever published, and it’s with a very heavy heart that I must report that the author was listed as being a member of The Grape’s staff at the time..



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