Oberlin Crushes Admin Won’t Publish These Submissions But We Will


Hope Plip Bodger is into girls...

Shout out to Plip Bodger for being an amazing friend. You always take the time to catch up with me, even when you have a bad case of pink eye (which as we know is always! haha)


Plip Bodger, I honestly shiver when you look at me with those piercing, sticky eyes. I want to slurp up your eye puss like an expensive oyster


Plip can CUM(junctivitis) inside me any day of the week!


Plip, in my dreams I plant soft kisses on your neck and nibble on your earlobe. Then
I tug on your
hair, and mash my lips into yours until our tongues are dancing feverishly. Your eyes burn red, from passion and bacterial conjunctivitis. Some yellow discharge from your goopy goopy eyes touches my cheek, and I feel the place between my thighs start to tingle. When our lips finally separate, I can’t take it anymore. I tell you to go get a condom, and you huskily reply, “I don’t know where they are because the infection in my eyes has caused irreversible damage to my vision.” I giggle, find us a condom, and we make sweet love all night. I wake up spooning your naked body, with a slight itch in my eye.

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