Co-op Crew Roles and Their Corresponding Sexual Positions



PIC: Verse top--you enjoy and are comfortable in each role. Where you end up locationally depends on what the situation demands. But you ARE always the one picking the music and giving orders, so deep down you’re a top. 


Pots: You are a true Oberlin top. Just like topping here, while not many want to fill the position, someone’s got to do it. Either you actually enjoy enduring the heavy work and getting your hands all wet, or just know that you’re the best person to get the job done.


Hobart: Power bottom or pillow princess-- we all know that this is the position requiring least work. You may not be in the top position, but you definitely know what you like, and make sure you get it. 


Sweeping and Mopping: Bottom. True bottom. You love being told what to do. You love when the Person In Charge makes eye contact with YOU and says to start filling up the mop bucket.


Surfaces: Bottom. But not out of sexual preference, out of genuine confusion about how this works.

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