Azariah’s Cafe Sells New and Authentic “Spicy Mexicocoa”

By Juan Contreras | | February 23, 2018 @ 5:52 pm

With the return of students for spring semester, Campus Dining Services has launched a new and authentic libation at Azariah’s Cafe in Mudd. Inspired by the exotically foreign land of Mexico, students have begun spreading the deliciously rich and caliente! taste of Spicy Mexicocoa across Oberlin’s campus. Spicy Mexicocoa’s popularity has skyrocketed, and is now the most frequently ordered beverage on campus, beating The Slow Train’s “Dirty Chai” and Decafe’s “Lavender Kombucha”.

So, what makes Spicy Mexicocoa so great you ask? According to Zurisaday Gutierrez-Avila, an authentic Mexican, the Spicy Mexicocoa “reminds me of the motherland, of the first time I ran away with, ay como se llama--Mauricio de la Rosa! We ran into the forbidden forest of hips and not lies”. Marissa Ramirez, close friend and self-proclaimed “real Mexicana” says, “[it] reminds me of Abuelita’s xocolatl, she uses a recipe passed down from Aztec ruler Moctezuma himself!”

After speaking with students about this wonderful new drink, I had to walk over to Azariah’s and try it myself. Upon walking into Azzies, the smell of carne asada and Mexico City’s smog flooded my nasal passages. I made a beeline to the counter and asked my favorite Azariah’s barista for a large Spicy Mexicocoa. They looked me in the eyes and said, “Oh honey, you aren’t ready for this beverage--its gunna change your life”. I was standing there with drool on my lip, ID card in hand, asI traded some ObieDollars for a ticket to Flavortown.

I took a sip. Then another. Then I swallowed. Then I looked around. I took another sip. I swallowed again. I stood there, letting the delicate balance of flavors settle on my tongue. Then, I was then kindly asked to move out of the way because I was “holding up the line.”

The warm tequila numbed my lips, and I felt the spiciness come through. But where was the spice coming from? It must have been the hot cocoa, or maple syrup, no--it was the milk! It must have been the milk! Mexican Magia! Either way, the industrially compostable cup the Spicy Mexicocoa was presented in doesn’t do it justice. I will forever feel at home in Azariah’s cafe, surrounded by the comfort and beauty of Mexican culture from 2-11PM Sunday through Friday! Don’t believe in the wonder and magic of this beautiful beverage? Go to Azariah’s and check it out yourself! Students love drinking it, and staff love making it!

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